We help farmers to build a sustainable business for many generations to come.

The focus is on your income and profits.

General Insurance Brokers of Australia (GIBA) is a leading specialist in helping farms protect their most valued asset, their crop.

On any given year farmers risk thousands of dollars, and in some cases millions of dollars, in growing crops.

We all know that mother nature can be very cruel and unforgiving therefore it is important to have the crop correctly protected in the case of a disaster.

Established businesses must insure against catastrophic events relating to their industries and their risk profiles – this takes the pressure out of the balance sheet i.e. low frequency events such as a one in fifty years heat wave event.

Australian farmers now can adopt strategies which will not only protect their financial position but give confidence to grow bigger and better crops by adopting a best practice approach regardless of the seasons’ outlook.

Due to the uncertainty in the current weather patterns it makes it very difficult for farmers to have the confidence to target higher yields given the financial risk involved.  By using Farm Income Protection growers have the confidence to target higher yields and profits from the beginning of the crop as they know they have a fallback position, if the season turns against them.

Being protected will enhance the farms financial position but also guarantee the increases of the farms’ average income over time as well as narrowing the yield gap.  It also warrants the sustainability of the farm for many generations to come.

In addition, you can take advantage with confidence of high wheat prices early in the season by forward selling as you have a fall-back position in case of a wash out.

All this can be achieved with affordable insurance solutions.

GIBA Rural is here to help farmers how to find the best insurance solution for them in a simple and easy manner.

We take all the hard work out of insurance.


Silvan Frei – Director GIBA Rural Division

0416 22 62 33

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