Our Difference

Why choose GIBA?

When you deal with General Insurance Brokers of Australia (GIBA), you are receiving the benefit of more than 60 years combined expertise advising and assisting individuals and businesses with all of their general insurance needs.

As an insurance broker, our duty is to you – not the insurance company. We can deal with the insurance company on your behalf to simplify and streamline the underwriting and claims process, and to act as your advocate when required.

We have access to a broad range of insurance policies from leading insurers. We constantly review the products that become available in the market and analyse the policy wording and premiums that apply. This means that when we make a recommendation to you, it is from a fully informed standpoint.

Many of our clients come to us by word of mouth recommendation. We have earned a reputation for being able to find insurance cover for clients who have previously struggled to secure cover – and for negotiating highly favourable terms that have saved our clients considerable money.

We are particularly skilled at understanding what questions to ask, to ensure that the cover you take out accurately reflects the risks that may exist in your circumstances. Because at the end of the day, there is no point having insurance cover if the terms and conditions – or sum insured – do not adequately compensate you in the event that you suffer a loss.

At GIBA, we’re here to help. Contact us todayfor expert guidance regarding all of your general insurance requirements.

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