Farm Crop Insurance

For many farmers and their families, crops are the lifeblood of their income. Protecting these crop assets, therefore, is essential. Crop insurance can protect this valuable commodity from the perils of Mother Nature, to human errors. So if your crops are your livelihood, protect them and give yourself peace of mind.

There are a wide variety of reasons framers should consider crop insurance.

In the first instance it reduces the need for farmers to resort to borrowing additional funds if there is a coverable event. It also improves the chances of having enough funds (through lower risk) to look at other investment opportunities. Perhaps most importantly, it gives farmers’ peace of mind allowing them a better perspective to make informed cropping decisions.

What does it cover?

In general terms, our crop coverage provide covers against natural perils such as hail and fire. It also covers crops against damage that could result from accidental chemical overspray or even straying livestock. It can cover harvested crop both on your farm and in transit.

What isn’t covered?

As with any insurance there are limits and exclusions that apply. There may also be a deductible, excess or limits on this type of cover so check with your GIBA insurance broker.

Please talk to us about what may or may not be appropriate for your coverage.

Need more information

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