Farmers Vehicle Insurance

We know that without vehicles, life on the farm would be almost impossible. To minimise this risk, farm vehicle insurance gives you peace of mind for your essential equipment. So if your agricultural vehicles are ever damaged, stolen or involved in an accident, farm vehicle insurance will offer you protection. Our farm vehicle policy has been developed specifically for farmers and agricultural trades and offers range of farm motor insurance covers to suit your circumstances.

Why you should consider it

If you working on the land or in an agricultural trade, there is no question you should consider insurance for your vehicles. Unlike many city vehicles, farm vehicles are the lifeblood of a farmer’s business and minimising cost and downtime is essential.

What does it cover?

We offer two types of farm vehicle insurance.

  • Comprehensive: This covers you for:
    • Accidental damage to, or theft of the insured motor vehicle
    • Third party property damage
  • Third Party Property Damage: This insures you for damage you MAY cause to other people’s property. It also includes the additional benefit – uninsured motorist benefit.
What isn’t covered?

As with any insurance there are limits and exclusions that apply. There may also be a deductible, excess or limits on this type of cover so check with your GIBA insurance broker.

Please talk to us about what may or may not be appropriate for your coverage.

Need more information

Contact us at the GIBA office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.